BioTech X-ray, Inc. - Providing Portable imaging services to Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, and eastern Nebraska.

We are now providing services in Indiana
as well as Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, eastern Nebraska,
Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Kentucky.

You can always reach BioTech X-ray by calling (877) 909-9729.
Your call will be routed to your local BTX office,
according to the area code you are calling from,
if someone in that office is available to take your call.

Portable Diagnostic Imaging – Advanced Technology with Compassionate Care

Our registered radiologic technologists provide same-day, high-quality, portable diagnostic imaging services at your patient’s bedside. Results are reported within hours, and are accessible online 24/7 for your convenience.

See our Midwest service area and call toll-free 1-877-909-9729 or email today to arrange for services.

Providing portable x-ray, ultrasound and EKG services to patients at their bedsides
Links Locations Proud member of the American Portable Diagnostics Association