Tina Berger

Office Manager

Tina joined BioTech X-ray in April 2002. Tina started out part time in Dispatch and worked her way up, assuming Billing, Payroll, and Human Resources responsibilities. She became a full time employee in just a few months. Now she manages the BTX headquarters office, which has grown exponentially, manages time keeping and payroll for the whole company and screens all potential employees.

When she started, there were only seven technologists in the x-ray field working for BTX in Missouri and Illinois. Since then she has seen BTX go from plain film x-rays to digital images, along with offering ultrasound and Doppler studies. She has also seen BTX begin serving clients in Iowa, Eastern Kansas, and Oklahoma. Tina enjoys her job and is thankful for all the relationships she has developed while working for BTX.

Tina enjoys spending time with her children, Victoria and Drake. In her spare time, she enjoys concerts in the park and watching hockey and baseball.

Proud member of the American Portable Diagnostics Association